Attractions in Zadar

Situated at the heart of the Adriatic as the urban center of the Dalmatia, the historic city of Zadar offers a diverse range of tourist attractions. The one’s you must absolutely not miss are as follows:

Osljak Island

The perfect beginning or ending of any journey should be in Paradise, and if you agree, there is no place more eager and practiced at proving itself than the island of Osljak. The island boast a rich history with monuments dating back to as early as 500 AD standing intact and well preserved to this day.

Spanning 74 acres, with the highest point at 90 meters above sea level and a population of 29 in a single village on its western shore, the island lets you experience the true thrill of natural silence in a small corner of the world. Amenities include luxury accommodation and a seaside restaurant offering scrumptious local cuisines that you can enjoy to the sea waves orchestrating a symphony of nature.

The Sea Organ

Descending into the sea, extending 70 meters along the coast, and awaiting the sea waves to orchestrate an opera are the stairs of the Sea Organ — a purpose built sea harmonica containing 35 whistle carrying angled pipes of varying lengths and diameters.

A true marvel of human innovation, the Sea Organ uses the energy of the tidal waves to stage an endless concert of mystic harmonies that not only sooth the nerves but also string away the stresses of the modern life. It is truly a fitting place to end one’s day listening to the sea play at the 7 cords of 5 tones.

Greeting to the Sun

Bathing in the sun, glittering during the morning next to the Sea Organ — its three hundred multi-layered glass plates forming a great circle — is the solar powered photovoltaic stage of light, “The Greeting to the Sun”.

Throughout the day, the great circle absorbs solar energy and saves it for a wondrous lighting show that at night as well as for lighting the whole waterfront. The lightning show is directly synchronized with the sounds produced by the Sea Organ and offers one of the most serene and wondrous combinations of nature with modern technology. Visiting it once can never be enough.

The Church of St. Donatus

Revisit the Pre-Romanesque times through one of the most stunning churches of the European Carolingian periods at the gates of the Donatus of Zadar. Dating back to the 8th century, the Church shows the historical transitions in Europe as the inflow and adoptions of ideas from Byzantine across the lands is evident in its structure.


Rumored to be older than the city itself and also known as the Wide Street, the Kalelarga is the most famous street in Zadar. Cutting across the city from the People’s Square to the famous Forum, it connects the tourist to all that the city has to offer.

The Public Square (aka Narodni Trg) is the center of public life dating back to the Renaissance, boasts diverse historical monuments, and offers a walk through time. On the other hand, across the length of city through the Kalelarga, is the Forum — the municipal square from the Roman era. A walk through the Wide Street will be an intoxicating experience not only because of the cultural diversity you get to experience and also because of it summarizes the Zadar experience.

The Riva

Enjoy a relaxing walk around the beautiful green parks and amidst the palm trees in the sea promenade of Zadar, the Riva.

Constructed in the late 19th century, the Town Quay offers great panoramic views of the regions and offers a relaxing atmosphere for a long solitary walk ending before a great sunset, and followed through towards the Riva’s public life at hotels and restaurants for a refreshments and great dining options.

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